Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Hi sweeties,

We're so sorry for the unannounced, long hiatus! We've been kept pretty busy with our personal schedules and festivities last year. Hope you will be happy with the mini comeback / peace offering that we have for you.

Also, we are having our Prices Reduced for all available posts below. Do Check Out the great BARGAINS!
Thank you lovelies:)

Yours, Berry Blossom

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

True Blue

True Blue (SOLD)
Best fits UK Size 8-10


This is truly simplicity at its best!
We absolutely love the shade of blue on this dress...
It has the most comfy satiny material with cute, ruffled sleeves...
guaranteed to make you look like a babydoll:)


Best fits UK Size 8-10


We just love it when we stumble into gems like this one....
We've seen plenty of eyelet dresses but an eyelet playsuit? Nope..
This intricate, layered, eyelet smocked top teamed with grey cropped shorts,
makes it a one of a kind and a must have!
Perfect for a day out in the sun or at the beach:)


Best fits UK size 8-10

Just the perfect little dress for a simple night out.
Easy slip-on, non-fuss chiffon materials with fantastic colour shades,
a red sash to tie a ribbon at the back.
We love the way the white blends into the black,
coupled with pretty red flowers that makes you look so feminine.
For any occasion, be-it a dance, dinner, or party
just put it on and you're ready to make an impression!

Crimson Flame

Crimson Flame
Best Fits UK Size 8-10


This sweet lil number comes with plunging neckline
gorgeous colourful print motifs, and the sash to tie a ribbon at the back.
We especially *heart* the pleated skirt that makes you feel oh so girly,
the soft feeling of the satiny material on the skin,
and best of all, we adore the colour, which is the most crimson of red:)
Perfect for any occassion, no?

Oriental Charm

Oriental Charm
Best Fits UK Size 8-10

Comes in Blue and Orange


The perfect dress for a fun dinner date...
with lovely black mesh cinching the waist, accentuating your feminine curves...
it also comes with a black sash that you can tie on the dress...
any creative way you want;)
so you can either wear it as a tube dress or even a halter neck dress...
(the dress is of stretchable, cooling material and comes with padded bras= totally hassle free!)

Sunday, November 9, 2008

All things checkered....

Red tiered minidress
Fits UK Size 4-10
RM39 Now at RM35

Don't we all just love all things checkered nowadays? They just spell fun and effortless chic...sweet details include the tiered mini skirt at the hem and glittery belt which is thrown in as well...:)

Checkered Pinafore (SOLD OUT)
Best fits UK Size 4-8
RM39 Now RM35

Like its' predecessors, this checkered pinafore is uber cute with a lil bow in the middle and sweet looking buttons....straps can be unbuttoned and you can wear it as a skirt even! Sounds good? Definitely, and as usual it comes with the tank;)

Monday, October 20, 2008

Hey darlings....

To know which items are still available....just click on the link "available" and everything that is still available will pop out:) or alternatively here are the links individually.....

Colourful pinafores
, Cutesy suspender skirts, Jumper/Romper/Playsuit!, Boho Tunic,

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Rainbow blocks

Rainbow Blocks
RM35 Now RM29
Best fits UK size 8 & below
(Only Blue and Yellow available)

Playful pinafore dresses in rainbow cutesy right?
Seven candy-like buttons and faux pockets with inner tee included:)
So, what are you waiting for?

Suspend me...

Suspend me
RM35 NowRM29
Best fits UK size 8 & below
(Waist : 15", Length: 14")
Comes in Black and Khaki

Mini skirt? Checked....Suspender belt? Checked....Cute button details? Checked...
All we need is a french beret and we're ready to go ;)

Note: Inner tank top not included

Plaid me up

Plaid me up (available without belt)
RM35 Now RM 25
Best fits UK size 8 & below

(Waist: 14", Length: 16")

We adore the tartan print on the high-waisted skirt and the fact that it has a variety of colours meshed together....definitely one of a kind, oh and it has pockets and a zippered front too...we like!

White Mod

White Mod (Sold)
Fits UK size 4-10

Pretty black and white giraffe spotted prints spells mod and chic...
it comes with a removable black obi-like sash to cinch your waist and a long white pearl-like necklace...pockets at the side too:)
such a bargain! *winks*

Pretty in Pink

Pretty in Pink (Sold out)

Fits UK size 4-10

Before you say "What? Another kimono top?"...That's what we thought to ourselves too, but this one comes in the prettiest and sweetest shade of pink ever and heart shaped flower motifs....In the end, we just couldn't resist...therefore, it's here for grabs!

Penny's playsuit!

Penny's Playsuit
RM35 Now RM29
Best fits UK Size 8 & below

Our very first playsuit in store ;) fun for romping around and behaving like a 3-year old....indefinitely....the colour makes it so easy to wear too! Hearts the star motifs on the buttons, it comes with a smocked back...not to forget, spaghetti-straps are detachable....

Note: Inner tank top not included